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Alberto Abal,
Jesús Fuster,
David Rosillo

Corvus Belli

No. of Players:

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Aristeia! is a kind of sportsgame, in which two players fight against each other. Each player has a team of four unique characters, all with their own stats and skills. And then the teams are sent into an arena with hexagonal fields, called the Hexadome. All this reminds me strongly of an apocalyptical world, indeed you all the time expect Mad Max to enter the arena. CORVUS BELLI has created this world with its miniature tapletop wargame Infinity. But Aristeia! is independent from this much more complex game, only the world is the same.

Each round of the game it is the player's aim to occupy a scoring zone that is determined of the weakest player at the beginning of the round. So to move into the scoring zone is not the worst action you can do. But of course that is something your opponent wants to do too. Alternatively the characters are activated and so we are soon confronted by our opponent's characters. Now you must know that Aristeia! is no family sport. It is the definite blood of the Human sphere. So it is time to fight. Of course our characters have hyperpowers to use and very interesting weapons too.

All outcomes of the fights are determined by special dice of different colours. The character card tells you how many and which dice you must take. Both attacker and defender can roll dice and basically each success is defended by a block. But there are many special powers you can use and activate, so for example to displace your character or any other character in your distance.

The hexadome can be equipped with a lot of obstacles where you can hide and carry out surprise attacks. Characters can take a specific number of wounds. If the wounds exceed the maximum, the character is taken from the hexadome, and has to be recovered. From now on, he is handicapped and has less actions in a round.

Aristeia! plays very fast-paced, makes a lot of fun and offers a lot of re-playability. There are missions for setting up the hexadome, you have unique characters with different abilities and there is much more planned. As a first step there will be expansion packs with new characters, but CORVUS BELLI is already planning a global league in which players can fight against each other.

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