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Wingspan - Fan Art Pack


Fans of Wingspan

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G@mebox author Lutz Wildt writes about the game:

This time I'm giving you a slightly different review. I'm not directly presenting a game or an expansion, but rather a declaration of love for a wonderful game. This is the Wingspan Fan Art Pack. As the name suggests, fans of Wingspan have contributed the artwork for the cards. A total of 255 cards from the base game and the previously available expansions have been given new illustrations. The game principle itself has not changed, as the actions of the cards remain unchanged.

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There are various ways to use the cards. Either you simply shuffle all the cards into the respective stacks of the basic game or the expansion, you replace the original cards with the ones from the pack or you play exclusively with the new cards. I have always opted for the latter option so far. Although there are slightly fewer cards in the game than in the original versions, you get the full effect of the cards designed by fans of different ages. The range of styles is very broad and really impressive. Children's drawings, digital art and watercolors are just a few examples of the diverse range on offer.

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Although the style of play is not changed, the Fan Art Pack Wingspan brings a lightness to the game. The original cards, which are based on the actual appearance of the bird in question, are wonderful and I still love them. However, the cards in the Fan Art Pack bring a new freshness to the game. When you add or draw the cards, you are not only excited to see which bird will be revealed, but also curious to see what kind of artwork will come into play next. Especially as the artists are named on the cards along with their age and the technique used. It can happen that you end up with a wax crayon drawing, a crochet and origami artwork all in one go. I've become a big fan of this variety in fan art!

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Next time, I'll probably swap the cards around to increase the artistic range again and also have a few of the great original illustrations in the game now and again.

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