Author: Klaus Teuber

Publisher: Goldsieber 1997

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- Bestes Kinderspiel 1997 -

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At Castle Hazelnut King Squirrel I has assembled the most famous knights of the realm for the annual nut "round-up" before the winter. In shining armour, the Squirrel-Knights and Squirrel-Squires listen to the words of their King:

"Beloved Subjects !"

"Once again the time has come for thou to leave our sheltered castles on a quest to bring back provisions for the coming winter. The winter is going to become hard and dire, so your wives and children will need a good amount of nuts to feast upon. But when you leave the sheltered tops of the trees, beware of our ancient enemies Max Marten, Leo Lynx and Fritz Fox. Most certainly, they will hide on the ground behind the bushes and will devour any of thou who is daring enough to approach them. So avoid these creatures and bring back a good harvest of nuts ! When you come back, we will have our harvest festival and the Knight who has brought the most nuts will receive the first dance with Princess Hazlewood."

"Be swift and God Bless all of Thou !"

Die Ritter von der Haselnuss is a memory-training game for 3 to 4 players. At the beginning of the game, harvest cards are distributed on 8 bushes in the forest, and during the game the squirrels try to harvest as many nuts from these bushes as possible. During a turn, a player rolls a die and moves 1-3 spaces to a bush somewhere in the forest. From this bush he picks up the uppermost harvest-card. If itīs a nut, he can keep the card open in fron of him, but if itīs an enemy, he shuns back and puts the card back on the bush (memorizing the enemy shown).

A player can bring collected nuts back to a castle, and the more nuts he brings the more victory points he receives. If he succeeds to bring more than one nut, he will receive bonus points for being daring enough to stay out longer than necessary.

But the Squirrels should also keep watch of the other squirrels. If they see a squirrel put back a card, they should shun this place if possible. Coming to a place which contains an enemy and which was already visited by another player, that player may shout out the name of the enemy hidden there. If he shouts right, the squirrel coming to this bush is frightened and loses all nuts at hand, and the squirrel who shouted the waring gets two Victory Points for warning the other. On the other hand, if the warning player was wrong, he loses 2 Victory Points.

The game ends when the second of all eight bushes is used up and contains no more harvest cards. The Squirrel with most Victory Points wins the day !

The game is a very nice presented form of a memory-game which is attractive for children and grown-ups as well. Itīs a small game, but it comes with a good-looking gameboard and cards and four very cute looking Squirrel-Knights in "shining armour" (a platemail made of nuts...). The game offers much fun to play, and most important it comes with a cute and attractive background.

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