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Aza Chen


No. of Players:
1 - 4



Gamebox author Nicole Schulte-Kulkmann writes about the game:

So, what can you do if you indulge two passions - felines and board games - at a time? Well, you'll try to find the best of both worlds, obviously! So, I kept looking through the different leaflets which my husband has brought home from his trips to the SPIEL '15 convention, and I discovered what? KITTY PAW, a nice, clever and quick game for 1 to 4 players by Aza Chen.

The game consists of 28 Kitty tiles featuring quite cute kitties of seven different types, showing the front or the back of the cat, respectively, on either side. It is the players' task to build specific "Kitty-Designs" using these tiles according to the patterns on the Kitty cards of which 48 are included in the game (24 easy design patterns, 16 intermediate patterns and 8 difficult patterns).


The game starts with all the kitty tiles on the table. The players each draw a kitty design card, reveal it simultaneously and start building their respective designs by grabbing the kitty tiles. The player who is the first one to finish his design screams "Meow!" and the round is over. Now everyone checks whether the design is correctly build. In that case, the player scores the number of victory points indicated on the card. If not, he/she suffers the penalty shown on the back of the Kitty card.

All this is difficult enough but becomes even more complicated and brain-twisting if you have to take into account whether the design you have to build also features a cat in the litter box or in a cardboard box (every friend of felines' will notice immediately that this game is all about real life!!). In that latter case, you pimp your design by including a cat box card drawn from a different stack which has to be combined with the Kitty tiles in order to create the matching design pattern.

In sum, at first sight, this little game looks sweeter than sweet (the box has ears!!!), but make no mistake about it: It is no easy task to get the design patterns right (especially the level 2 and 3 patterns) and the very effort will make your head spin. But this game also gives you a good lesson in three-dimensional thinking and certainly is very, very addictive - catnip for humans, indeed!

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