The "SPIEL 98" Report - News at Amigo


Awaited by many gamers, finally the new expansion set for the Blockbuster-cardgame "Bohnanza" is available. in "La Isla Bohnita" players can send shipments with beans to far places, possibly bringing additional points. But players must always beware of Pirates, threatening to steal the whole shipment of beans. Also included are some new kinds of beans and an exclusive 2-player variant fror Bohnanza.

New cardgames from Amigo are "Hornochsen", a game in the tradition of "6 nimmt", and "Zirkus Flohcati", a game for children about the actors in a flea-circus. In addition, Amigo has released a new childrens game called "Der Tiger ist los". Itīs about a Zoo where a Tiger has escaped from his confinement and now must be forced to go back in.

At last, Amigo has a special Promo-card for "Elfenland" here at the convention. Itīs actually a set of four Wizard-cards which can be used in the game. You may win a set of these cards here at Kulkmannīs G@mebox ! See the Essen ī98 Mainpage for details !

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