The "SPIEL 98" Report - Answers to questions in my guestbooks

Now some answers concerning questions from the guestbooks:

Trevor Dewey

wrote: "Is there anything I can say that will help me win the raffle ? ;>"

Answer: Unfortunately not. :-) My girlfriend Nicole did do a fair drawing of the lots !

Ted Cheatham

wrote: "How are the Man O' War boats doing??"

Answer: Thanks for asking, Ted. I am almost done, only a Black Ark is still missing ! But I hope to get it from GW-UK.

Patrick Riley

wrote: "On a side note, have you heard of or have an opinion ofThe Hobbit fantasy boardgame from I.C.E.? I am looking fora fantasy boardgame that plays in an hour or so and thatplays well with 3 people. Any suggestions?"

Answer: Well, I have evaluated the Hobbits Boardgame (german version by Queen Games) on my Tolkien-Site. Actually I donīt think that itīs worth buying. You want to know the title of another game ? Well, I would suggest looking for "Dungeonquest" by Games Workshop. Itīs fast and suitable for three players - but itīs out of print so some search is needed !

Thomas Schmidt-Uhlig

wrote: "Do you plan to publish the rules and layout of the new Alexanderschlacht-scenario for the Settlers?"

Answer: Well, I am afraid that I can only publish a review. The scenarios were actually sold at Essen, so I cannot publish full details without conflicting with the Kosmos-Copyright.

Klaus Kristiansen

wrote: "Some more details on the mechanics of the gameswould be nice."

Answer: Well, I tried my best to give you overall impressions of the game. Unfortunately my time didnīt allow to go deeper into single games, but please wait for my reviews. I will try to do them soon !

Sven Baumer

wrote: "Your little promotion trick obviously works. :-)"

Answer: I actually wanted to make the site and the guestbook more attractive to all of you - and I like to hear from people who visit my page. So I have done the raffle in combination with a guestbook-entry.

Mark Jackson

wrote: "A Short Quiz 1. I am: a. jealous of the fact that you are at Essen b. thankful for the pix you put up for German games on your website c. hoping to win an Elfenwizard card d. all of the above 2. In the future: a. more pix on the site b. more reviews c. Settlers of Catan computer game 'translated' to Mac format d. all of the above. Finally, thanks! It's a great site, Frank (but I like the no frames version better!)"

Answer: Well, I think the answer is 2d" both times ;-) . Concerning the Frames, I think that they will be removed soon, since I only get voices against them...

Aaron Fuegi

wrote: "Amazing. Incredible. Stupdendous. Brilliant. Genious.Godlike. How about I get a chance for the Elfenwizards for eachsuperlative?"

Answer: Unfortunately not. But thanks for the praise ! :-)

Jeff Stern

wrote: "My only recomendationis to add a search engine to your site. "

Answer: A search engine ??? Well, I really donīt know how I should program such a thing ! :-)

John Morgan

wrote: "Your reports capture some of the excitment & news for us. Thanks."

Answer: Well, thatīs exactly what I intended ! To capture some atmosphere from Essen for you !

Martin Menke

wrote: "This year I canīt go to the exhibition, but Iīve still ordered a room for the next year. So thereīs possibly a chance to see us in the crowd ;-)"

Answer: I will be there - if my exams in law donīt kill me before !!! ;-)

Richard Vickery

wrote: "I am not sure that separating the games into US and German is very helpful, and it hard to find your Lord of the Rings stuff. I guess I also don't like the frames very much."

Answer: Well, I keep them seperate to keep some order (at least for myself). The Tolkien-page will be placed at a more attractive place, and the Frames will be removed. Thanks for the tips !

Dave Arnott

wrote: "Frank, you mad genius. You have a different guestbook for each page of your website?!?"

Answer: Yep, there are two different guestbooks, since I wanted to have a clear number of Essen-visitors ! But donīt worry - both books counted towards the contest ! And I think that "genius" is a title which is much too high - but "mad" I am ! 8-)

Tom DeMarco

wrote: "Maybe you can make it out to Alan R.Moon's Gathering of Friends some year."

Answer: Well, when I am done with my studies and earn some money, I will certainly come !!! Thatīs a promise I already gave Alan at Essen !

Greg Schloesser

wrote: "One day maybe I'll be able to attend and finally get to meet you"

Answer: Hi Greg ! Well, it would be a pleasure to meet you, too ! But letīs hope for sometime in the future ! :-)

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