The "SPIEL 98" Report - News at Hasbro

MB and Parker also are represented in Essen with more than one new game.

Parker actually is expanding their "Trivial Pursuit"-branch with two new products, the "Jahrtausend Edition" and "Electronic Trivial Pursuit". In the "Jahrtausend Edition" (=Century edition) the players will be opposed by 1.800 questions from the history of this century. On the other hand, a quite interesting game for voyages might be the "Trivial Pursuit Electronic". The new device contains 3.600 questions from former editions and may be used Solo, by two players or in teams.


Milton Bradley, too offers two new games at the convention. Actually one of them is already known. Itīs "Outburst", but it will be presented with a new design and new rules. The other game is "Pay Day", a game during which the players have to bring their family through the month following the Pay Day, but they may be confronted with mayn different situations from real life which will force them to lose some money.


Some news concerning the computerization of boardgames are also available from Hasbro-Interactive. Apart from computer-versions of "Cluedo", Stratego" and "Spiel des Lebens" the MB classic wargame "Axis & Allies" is going to be released soon. Axis will be playable via Network and Internet, and , being a great fan of the game, I am looking quite forwards to see the game.

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