The "SPIEL 98" Report - News at Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück was one of the few major companies who came to Essen this year with more than one more game in their luggage. For a still (relatively) small publisher, Hans im Glück did a great deed since they suceeded in releasing two big games at Essen plus the Playerīs Edition Set for "König & Intrigant".

The most interesting looking game from Hans im Glück seems to be "Samurai", which is a new work from bestseller author Reiner Knizia. In old Japan, three forces were dominating the political scene. These are Priests, Nobles and Rice-Farmers. In the game, these three classes will be represented on the gameboard by black Plexiglass-figures of Buddhas, Helmets and Rice-fields. During the game, the players must try to win over as many of these factions as poissible to join their side. For this, they may place influence markers on the gameboard around these figures, thus trying to get domination over them. In the end, the player who has suceeded to get the majority of figures wins the game. Remarkable is also the fact that the game is suitable for 2 to 4 players. If played with less than four players, some of the minor japanese islands will be removed from the game.


The other new game from Hans im Glück is a new part of the sucessful "El Grande"-family. "El Caballero" is a new stand-alone game, itīs not an expansion to "El Grande". Authors of this game were once again Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich. Now the players can leave the spanish mainland and try to seek and explore new, undiscovered isles. By placing differently shaped land-tiles, players create an area containing isles and seas. The players will be able to place Caballeros into the new placed areas and these may be protected by buying castles for them. They can also buy ships to strenthen trade and do fishing. The aim of the game is to become best colonizator by having most victory points after two point-collection phases.


In addition, Hans im Glück is offering a special service for their customers. The creativity contest for new "König & Intrigant" cards has ended, and Hans im Glück gave the new sets to gameshops at the convention who can distribute them for FREE among the customers of the convention. All fans who will nonetheless have to leave the convention without these sets donīt have to be sad. Hans im Glück offers to send a set to anyone (in Germany) who sends in 5.50 DM to cover postage. I think that I must point out that Hans im Glück is doing here a very good service for their customers. Giving away a free expansion is certainly very generous...

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