The "SPIEL 98" Report - News at Queen Games


Finally the game "Putsch" from Queen is available here at the convention. It barely made it here, in fact the sets which will be sold here at Essen were produced just two days ago. "Putsch" is a game about politics in some central american Banana Republics, and the players have to influence political groups like Gouvernment, Military or Guerilla in these states. Ech turn the players may bid money for different positions in these states, and finally the player wins who has the most important positions in these states.

Another quite new cardgame from Queen is "Res Publica". Itīs a game for 3 to 5 players in which different medieval culture tribes are trying to get a stronghold in Europe. They try to make progress in their civilizations by researching Alchemy, Trade, Building etc...

Other new games from Queen this year were "Carat", "Der Dreizehnte Holzwum", "Stimmt So!" and "Schnäppchen-Jagd".

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