The "SPIEL 98" Report - News at Schmidt Spiele

Back in the gaming scene is the publishing label "Schmidt Spiele". After they went into bancruptcy about two years ago, new Schmidt Spiele will now be published by the former "Blatz"-publisher who now has been integrated into the new Schmidt-label. Actually Schmidt comes back to the gaming scene with two new tactics-games at Essen.

In "Gipf", players each have 15 playing pieces available. By clever movement of these the players try to fence in and remove pieces of the opposite player.

"Tactix" on the other hand is is dominated by sets of 9 dice with each player will place into his half of the gameboard. Each player has a King-dice, and by clever movement of these dice he must play to force the King-dice of the opposite player into a special location. Whether a dice may be removed is decided by the actual number he is showing the monent in which such an "attack" takes place. So careful planning of the movement is essential to the game.

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